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Reliable Package Delivery 

Additional Services Available

Tires and Fleet Services 

Managing a fleet of vehicles utilized for last mile deliveries can be a daunting task.  Tires and brakes are crucial to ensure driver safety, especially with the ever changing weather conditions of Cleveland.  

725 is proud to provide support services for other delivery companies utilizing cargo vans in their fleet.   Hours of service are flexible to ensure vans are available for use on routes.  

Tire Services 

  • Tire Patching and Repairs 

    •  When traveling hundreds of miles a week, it's more common than most people expect to get a nail or screw in a tire- we feel your pain, and know how urgent it is to get that tire fixed and your vehicle back on the road!

    • We'll remove the tire from the rim and repair from the inside to ensure the most reliable and secure repair possible. 

    • If the tire cannot be patched due to safety or structural failure concerns- replacement tires are available on site. 

  • Tire Installation 

    • Recommendations on tire brands, including various price points that are quality and best for delivery companies logging lots of miles, and frequent stops. 

    • Mounting and balancing, using weights, not sand bags or anything else that may damage TPMS sensors.  

    • Recommendations if any tires can be saved and used to replace a damaged tire down the road. 

    • Tire disposal of everything that's reached the end of its use. ​


While we've got your vehicle

  • We'll check the brakes, fluids, battery and let you know if we notice anything of concern.  If it's something we can fix, we'll be happy to, or recommend a shop if it requires more advance work. ​​

  • We'll top off your windshield washer fluid- seems simple but a clean windshield can lead to a safer, better day for your drivers.  

Additional Maintenance Items 

  • We understand you likely have a fleet program to cover routine items like oil changes and tire rotations, but what about the other stuff? 

  • Are you checking the brakes?  Door hinges and door handles? We can help in a lot of these areas so you don't have to pay dealership prices. 

  • Customized, non-warranty, on going service work packages are available- including vehicle inspections, record keeping and replacement of items like wiper blades, light bulbs, gas doors that often get damaged, and more.  Contact us for details. 


Teamwork. Perseverance. Passion. 

We're always looking to add great people to our team.  We also promote from within and provide ongoing leadership and development opportunities for our team.  

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