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We take Covid19 seriously. To slow the spread, protect our delivery drivers, and the public, we’ve implemented strict cleaning regimens and modified our work procedures to allow for social distancing.  As CDC and Ohio requirements evolve, we assess the risk and make adjustments accordingly.  725 believes the decision to obtain the Covid19 vaccination is a personal decision, and respects the decision of each team member regardless of their choice.  Here’s what we’re doing differently.

Slowing the Spread

  • Masks are now a part of the 725 uniform, and they even match!

    • We adjust our mask policy for employees based on the requirements and preferences of our customers, CDC recommendations, and local policies.  

  • Disposable masks are also always available to double up or in an emergency.

  • Employees feeling any symptoms of Covid19 are asked to stay home and follow local testing procedures if necessary. 

  • Hand sanitizer can be found in all vehicles and readily around the office

  • We encourage hand washing whenever possible. 

Strict Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Vehicle cabs are cleaned diligently with a sanitizing solution after each shift - steering wheels, gear shifts, handles, every surface

  • Extra bleach and cleaning supplies are available to delivery drivers who wish to clean their assigned vehicle again before starting their shift

  • Smaller equipment like keys, phones, pens and more are disinfected nightly for use the next day

Social Distancing

  • Our morning meetings used to be 50 people in one room - now we handle announcements, safety talks, and other meetings virtually

  • Walkie talkies are used to communicate so everyone knows what's going on while at a safe distance 

Safety First at 725 Transportation

Safety is always a top priority at 725, pandemic or not. Our delivery drivers feel more protected now than ever before and we are proud to be part of what is keeping the Greater Cleveland area running during these unprecented times.

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