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Driver of the Month: Anthony G.

At 725 Transportation Company, we have such a great team! Each person has a role to play to make each day happen with excellence. We'd like to take the opportunity to recognize one of our awesome drivers. Our July Driver of the Month is Anthony G.! Here's what he had to say about being part of this team:

"What I like about working at 725 is how welcoming it felt from day one. I immediately felt like one of the group instead of feeling like "the new guy" on the job. Often, that's one of the worst aspects of entering a new job, but it didn't feel like that at all here. I also like that we hold high standards from top to bottom. The best is expected from each person and everyone does just that. It leads us to have respect for each other and that brings us all a little bit closer.

My advice to new drivers joining the team is to follow the examples of the drivers and trainers as much as possible because they have experience and know the little ins and outs of being safe and efficient at the same time. Also, as you continue to gain experience, make your own little tweaks to the process to help you personally, since no two people are the same. Just make sure your own improvements are safe and efficient as well."

Thanks for the tips, Anthony! And thanks for being such a crucial part of this team.

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